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If you are following the current news, you will know that there was an addition of hundreds of new gTLD extensions with more on the way. This has created some pretty serious buzz in both the business and marketing world, however, there are many essential aspects of the new domains extension that need to be examined thoroughly.
Let’s face it – we are long past the era of simple generic top-level domains and extensions such as .net, .biz, .com, .gov, and others. Today, businesses have to make a decision whether or not they want to buy domain names for their businesses with extensions such as .company, .business, and others.

In order to help you, we’ve come up with a few tips that will help you navigate the new world of gTLDs. We’ve explored the extensions available and what they mean for marketing purposes and for SEO, and which of these domains extension might make the most sense for your business.

Before we start, let’s take a look at what are the new generic top-level domain names?

If you remember, not while ago, there were only 22 gTLDs available for purchase such as .com, .gov, .net, .uk, and others. However, 4 years ago or in 2014 everything has changed. That’s when the international organization ICANN (an organization that manages the domain system) expanded the number of gTLDs to nearly 500 and with possible 900 to be available for purchase in the coming year.

With so many new ones available, we will focus on the names that are most relevant to marketing purposes and branding. The recent additions include many domain extensions which are truly generic and could fit any type of business. We are talking about domains extensions such as .company, .business, .shop, and etc. There are names that are more industry specific such as .food, .marketing, .technology, and others, and there are some that are geo-specific such as .paris, .nyc, .berlin, and etc.

Some of the most popular new general top-level domain extensions are:

  • .business – A straightforward extension for businesses that want to distinguish themselves and secure their brand online.
  • .company – A great useful suffix for any type of business company, especially if you have already the word company in your business name.
  • .online – This domain extension can be useful if you have a traditional offline store and now you want to distinguish your online store.
  • .contact – This is a great domain extension if you are looking for a way to better connect with people who are looking for your contact information.
  • .shop – If you planning to sell your products or services on the web or run an online store, this is the perfect gTLD for you.
  • .app – If you have just developed an app for your business, this is the domain extension you are looking for.

The most popular industry-specific domain extensions are:

  • .technology
  • .marketing
  • .supplies
  • .software
  • .social
  • .food

The most popular reputation management domain extensions are:

  • .reviews
  • .sucks
  • .rocks
  • .feedback
  • www.shopify.com/domains/hosting

As you can see there are so many different new gTLDs it is sometimes impossible to pick just one. When it comes to new domain extensions and SEO, there are some speculations that the new domains extension could double the additional keywords for a business URL and offer extra SEO weight. Public perception will play an essential role in how the new domain extensions will impact SEO.
In other words, the new domains extension offer great opportunities for marketers and businesses to test out methods and strategies, as well as, domains that were unavailable before.

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