5 Best Business Name Generator Tools: Find the Perfect Name for Your Business

//5 Best Business Name Generator Tools: Find the Perfect Name for Your Business

5 Best Business Name Generator Tools: Find the Perfect Name for Your Business

If you are planning to start a new business and you are looking for a good company name, these business name generator tools can prove helpful to you.
Today, it is all about the name. Having an appealing name is important for your company, brand, and website. The name of your business is the identity by which it is recognized in front of associates and customers. The name of your business establishes and represents your brand.
You must put your heart out and come up with the best name for your new business.Read more

Why Use a Business Name Generator

Sometimes, even the most experienced marketers and entrepreneurs find it challenging to name their business.
Yes, it is not easy coming up with the right name for your company.
Sure, you can always hire a naming firm or an expert consultant for having the best name for your business. But, this will cost you, a lot.
A perfect name can be “ice-breaker”. It can make your company successful.
With the help of a business name generator tool, you can find the best brand name and a perfect domain name for your ecommerce business. It is easy, cheap, and fast when you use business name generators.
A generator tool turns out to be the best tool for brainstorming the right name for your company. It offers plenty of ideas and you can come up with the most suitable name for your website, as well as, a domain name.
You can build a successful and unique brand when you use the best name generator tool.
Let’s see which tools are the best ones out there.

5 Best Name Generator Tools to Use Free of Charge

Here are some of the best business name generator tools that will spill out at least one good business name which you can register immediately.

1.Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator or BNG is an awesome tool for generating business names for your company, business or website. The tool is great because it also identifies domain names that are available for each business name.
It is a free tool and it is super easy to use. All you need to do is enter one or two keywords and then click “Generate”. That’s it. The tool will generate thousands of possible name ideas.
BNG can be also called a comprehensive tool for generating all kinds of company name ideas. You can filter results based on short, modern, popular, phrases after, phrases before, business, modern, and tech.
If you see a name you like, you can save the idea. You can save more than one name and send them to your inbox.
The tool can also be used as a blog name generator, brand name generator, podcast name generator, store name generator, startup name generator, domain name generator, magazine name generator, product name generator, and more.

2. Oberlo Business Name Generator

Oberlo is another easy to use and helpful tool for generating business names for your website, startup or company.
The tool offers hundreds of creative name ideas for your business with a click of a button. Finding a great name shouldn’t be a problem with Oberlo Business Name Generator.
Enter a keyword that relates to the concept of your business and click “Generate Names”. You will notice a list of more than 100 business names containing the keyword you just entered.
Scroll down the list to see all options and go for the desired name for your startup.
Another great thing about Oberlo is that you can use different variations of words in the search bar until you are satisfied with the results.
So, instead of using generic words, you can be more specific and get the desired results.

3. Shopify Business Name Generator

Shopify Business Name Generator is one of the best tools on the market. By using this tool, you can find the best business name and then choose the most suitable domain that suits both your business and personality.
One of the main advantages of Shopify is the fact that is super easy to use. All you need to do is enter a keyword and start your search for the best name. The tool will show up different options that may or may not be suitable for your business.
The name generator tool makes it simple for you to finalize a name for your website or company, website or blog. It lists 100 two-word business names matching your keyword. There are a lot of options for your new business. You will have troubles choosing just one.
When you choose an option, the tool signals out whether an ecommerce store with that name already exists. If the name is available, you can reserve it and set your own ecommerce business through the Shopify platform.
Shopify comes with a 14-day trial period. It integrates with Oberlo (you can find products for dropshipping), Burst (for high-resolution images), Hatchful (for creating your own logo design), and Exchange (for purchasing existing ecommerce stores).

4. Anadea Business Name Generator

Anadea is a simple business name generator you can use free of charge. It is a great source of name ideas for websites, blogs, and apps. You can find unique titles for startups and brands, as well as, exciting web and app names.
You can come up with a great business name based on the keywords offered. With this tool, you can find relevant and catchy names in a matter of minutes.
You can search name ideas in a specific industry category. There are different options such as software, healthcare, tech, travel, and more.

5. Names4Brands

Names4Brands offers a great set of tools to find the best name for your business. When it comes to the ideal number of words in a company name, the tool suggests that two words are enough. There is no need to complicate things.
The tool offers a lot of options to create the best names for your business – you can choose from 18 different languages, choose the letter each word you prefer to start with, and etc.
All options are created to help you get the best names for your website or online store. The name ideas are available in company/domain/trademark registrations.
We hope you’ll find these free business name generators useful.
Let us know which of these tools you are using.