The Most Popular Canadian Web Hosting Solutions

//The Most Popular Canadian Web Hosting Solutions

If you are from Canada and you are looking for a way to publish your new website, then you will definitely need some Canadian web hosting solution. Of course, you can choose other options, but most Canadians opt for domestic hosting providers. We will use this article to describe some of the most popular Canadian web hosting options.


We will start this list with a Canadian-based web hosting company that has a unique name. Fastcomet is actually a company that is growing quite fast in the past couple of years. This is one of those companies that are offering literally everything that modern website owner needs. First of all, they have very low monthly rates for all their packages. In addition, they provide free SSD cloud hosting as well as a free domain name. Finally, there is a chance to get even better prices if you use their deals and coupons.

Astral Internet

This web hosting company is relatively new, but it has proven to be reliable and efficient. What makes Astral internet special is the presence of a well-designed, privately-owned cloud infrastructure that is able to deliver fast, secure and stable web hosting for any type of website. All the servers they have contain SSD drives which is why their hosting is so efficient. Furthermore, Astral Internet has a management console based on cPanel. Of course, if you need any kind of assistance, you can always reach their customer support.


Here’s another example of a Canadian web hosting option that deserves your attention. This is actually a managed cloud hosting company focused on sites based on PHP. Users can host custom-made PHP-based websites and their Prestashop, Joomla, Magento, WordPress and Drupal-powered websites. Cloudways stack relies on MySQL, Debian *, Memcached, Redis, Apache, Varnish, and Nginx.

Dynamic Hosting

We will end this list with Dynamic Hosting. This is a Canadian provider that offers shared hosting as well as managed WordPress websites. Every user can select one of the three data centers that Dynamic Hosting has located in Halifax, Calgary, and Vancouver. Their shared hosting solutions use Plesk 12.5. This company has been offering hosting packages for almost 20 years now and they were able to create a strong base of followers during these years.

When choosing a Canadian web hosting provider, you should take many things into account. The companies listed in this article have the best features.


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